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When you own a business it’s vital that you have a blog so you can help new customers discover you through search engines. Aside from that, it also gives your current customers a reason to come back to your page. They want to see what kind of valuable information you’ve added since they last visited.

Believe it or not, there is a way to increase your conversions once visitors make it to your blog through content upgrades. A content upgrade is a way to make your content outlive the basis of just reading it and moving on. It’s a way to expand the experience and hopefully convert the reader either by getting them to join a mailing list or by purchasing a product.

Today we are going to look at some of the best types of content upgrades you can add to your blog posts to boost conversions.


People love getting free information. One of the best ways to upgrade your content is by offering content that compliments what you’ve already posted in your blog. Two of the most common ways to expand on what you’ve already written is by keeping it in a guide or e-book format.

At the top, bottom, or sidebar you can advertise your ebook, or guide and briefly mention how it is relevant to the content on page. Let readers know that this “exclusive” content is only available for those who sign up for your newsletter. 

This simple action can increase conversions and turn one-time visitors into lifelong customers.


How many times have you visited a website, decided you were done, clicked out of the website never to see it again…only to realize that you wish you would have bookmarked that page for future reference? This happens to people every single day.

You can use an exit-intent popup in order to stop visitors in their tracks on the way out the door. This strategy using an algorithm to determine what a customer has done while on the page and makes a popup appear as they are leaving in an attempt to catch their attention.

According to a case study by OptinMonster, one company increased their email list growth by 900 percent in just one month by adding an exit-intent to their website.

As an example, if a customer is reading about your marketing techniques, then decide it’s time to leave, as they go and click the exit button they get a popup. The popup tells them that before they go, they can get access to the greatest marketing strategies updated weekly, all they have to do is sign up for your mailing list.

When you give consumers this option, more people will convert than those who would otherwise leave and never come back.


You can upgrade your content by taking your normal blog post and compressing the data into an easy to read, bright, and shareable infographic.

How shareable are infographics? Well, it has been reported that infographics are shared and engaged with 650 percent more than normal text posts/blog shares. In other words, when you turn your content into an infographic, you’re prepping it for online sharing.

If you have the time and resources, you may also want to consider creating gifographics for your site. Think original visuals or infographics, but animated! You can see a bunch of examples of them here.

You can even encourage your audience to share just the infographic section of your blog This will create a link that will go back to your base article, which encourages more people to go to your blog page from their social media account, and more people increases the chance that you’ll increase your conversions.


If someone really enjoys your content, they are going to want to get their hands on it as soon as possible, right? This is why promoting early access is considered a great option for upgrading your content.

You can use the previously mentioned exit-intent popups, normal popups, or just sidebar advertisements to promote your early access content. Here’s how it works. 

When someone is done reading your content, you can trigger a popup or list an advertisement at the bottom that asks if readers want their content sooner. Let them know that if they sign up for your email list they will get your published content a week early, get to hear your podcast live instead of a recording, or get access to articles that are going to be coming out down the road.

If someone feels like they are “special” and getting something above and beyond everyone else, they are more likely to sign up for your email list, which boosts your conversions.

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