Animals on Birth Control

Should animals be put on the pill?
I read that China has started putting overpopulated animals on the pill. A pill that is similar to the one that humans take, which is being used to curb their procreation.
In the example they gave they were trying to stop a “Rabbit-looking things” from tearing up the countryside. They start by sprinkling the soil with contraceptives that look like food.

The article said “One bite of them tempting bran-like pellet- and she’s lost the opportunity to be a mother. The pellets containing a specially developed contraceptive and abortion drug have been spread around northwest China’s desert in a bid to control a destructive plague of gerbils.”

Do you think this is wrong? I do. They are treating these animals terribly by taking away their chance to reproduce. Most animals are here to procreate and mate with others, by taking that away from when what do they have left? I know they are trying to prevent the problem of overpopulation but isn’t there a better way to do this? The article did not go on to explain other ways they have tried, or why they chose this method. But besides the fact that this is mistreatment of animals, they are also putting toxic chemicals into the soil which cant be good for human who many grow food in these areas, and on another note other animals that may eat these gerbils for food or may eat the gerbils food and may also be effected by the chemicals. This could cause more problems for the community than just overpopulation of these tiny animals.

I also found another article in SF Gate, on the same topic of animals on birth control. The article was about Chimpanzees in a Louisiana sanctuary that are getting pregnant despite vasectomies. Because of this they were putting the female chimps on birth control, and are giving the male chimps another round of vasectomies

Since these pregnancies were such a surprise they had to take drastic measures. The sanctuary is not sure if one of them was able to grow back tubes that were originally cut of if the original operation was not done as well as it should have been.The sanctuary was made for retired research chimpanzees and due to the surplus of chimps there they could not take in anymore, even babies.

So is it right to put these chimps on birth control? In this situation I think yes. The difference between this article and the previous one is that these chimps are in captivity and the sanctuary is there for them to have a home for the rest of their lives after being used as test subjects. In the other article they are  hurting animals that are in the wild that are not affecting their community in drastic ways.

I think it is acceptable for the chimps to be on birth control because this sanctuary is there for them. They have limited resources and by taking up space with baby monkeys because the monkeys are reproducing, there will be less room for the chimps that are in need of a home to go to after being tested. I do not think that animal testing is right, but since it is going to happen no matter how many people are against it, I think we owe it to these animals that we test to give them somewhere to go and enjoy for the rest of their time.

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