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Watching movies at cinemas or at the comfort of our homes has been a favorite past-time activity for as long as we can remember. It’s a great way to spend some free time with friends and families. We even get to bond over the movies we watch as we recount memorable scenes and movie lines. But before heading over the ticket counter or choosing a movie online, we want to know which one suits our taste and which one is actually worth our time and money. For an easy way of finding out which is the best choice, we have reliable movie review blogs to head over to.


After doing research, we’ve ended up with this list of the top movie review blogs that you can breezily check out. Perhaps you’re also into doing movie reviews and movie analysis. Then this list will definitely help you get further insights into what the best blogs have before starting your very own blog.

RogerEbert.com is the world’s preeminent destination for movie criticism, commentary and community. It is with a mix of great sadness and genuine excitement that this site existed, the product of a two-year collaboration between Ebert Digital, run by Roger Ebert, Chaz Ebert and Josh Golden, and web development partner Table XI. Roger was an innovator in so many ways. From democratizing movie criticism and bringing it to a more mainstream audience, to publishing his reviews to CompuServe at the dawn of the Internet, Roger was always pushing the envelope. It was a great challenge to develop a product that would meet his exacting standards, but he loved the site when he last saw it. The newly added content and features of this site, includes an enhanced version of Roger’s fan club, the Ebert Club, integrated mobile apps, and broader inclusion of video on the site. Enjoy this collection of more than four decades’ worth of content written by Roger and his handpicked team of collaborators, searchable and explorable like never before.

Little White Lies was established in 2005 as a bi-monthly print magazine committed to championing great movies and the talented people who make them. Combining cutting-edge design, illustration and journalism, they have been described as being “at the vanguard of the independent publishing movement.” Their reviews feature a unique tripartite ranking system that captures the different aspects of the movie-going experience. They believe in Truth & Movies.

CinemaBlend is one of the web’s most popular entertainment sites. Reporting on movies, television, video games, and pop culture CinemaBlend is the go-to source for today’s plugged-in generation. Their engaging content is read by 24 million unique visitors connecting with more than 60 million pages a month. Founded in 2003, CinemaBlend is owned and operated by Gateway Blend, based in St. Louis, MO with outposts in New York and Los Angeles. Every week their talented team of expert writers, editors, and trend-setters researches hundreds of new stories, editorials, and reviews obsessing over all the things influencers care about most in entertainment. CinemaBlend is the first place everyone goes to discover new movies, games and television shows; and it’s the only place to catch up on the pop culture.

Screen Rant had a humble start back in 2003 and, in the years since, has grown into one of the largest and most-respected entertainment news sources in the world – serving over 140 million readers in 2017 alone. They do not just report news, they editorialize it with unique insight that engages everyone from casual entertainment lovers to hardcore movie buffs. With television, film, and video game news, reviews, podcasts, and a YouTube channel with over 4.8 million subscribers, Screen Rant is the ultimate geek entertainment destination.

DecentFilms.com was created in 2000 by Steven D. Greydanus, a film critic for the National Catholic Register. He is a member of the New York Film Critics Circle and a permanent deacon in the Catholic Archdiocese of Newark. He has his degrees in media arts, theology and religious studies. “A site of film appreciation, information and criticism informed by Christian faith” was how he first described Decent Films back in 2000. He wrote then, and write now, out of an abiding love of good movies, good writing and good conversation. He write as a Catholic Christian, with the hope of addressing interested readers of his  own faith, of other faiths and of none. He has have learned and benefitted a great deal from critics and other writers with outlooks different from his own, and his work is offered in that spirit.

SBS was founded on the belief that all Australians, regardless of geography, age, cultural background or language skills should have access to high quality, independent, culturally-relevant Australian media. The multiple language programs available through SBS TV, radio and online ensure that all Australians are able to share in the experiences of others, and participate in public life. The quality of their programs and the multiplicity of their viewpoints come from the freedom they have to draw on the best of all cultures for their programming. Currently, SBS reaches an average audience of 13.1 million people per month on television, and on average serves almost 7 million unique browsers each month online, including an average 1.3 million streams each month for radio.

Horrornews.net is a popular horror genre site marketed to all aspects of the Horror industry. While horror is their focus, they also feature extensive material on the Paranormal, Asian Horror, Cult Films, Fantasy and Extreme Action. Horrornews.net is comprised of over 60 writers who contribute various aspects to the site. Horrornews.net was established in 2008. Horrornews.net features daily news, film announcements, film and book reviews, interviews, live podcast shows and a collective of original exclusive articles covering all aspects of the horror industry.

Alternate Ending was formed when three friends realized that they all shared a passion for movies. Tim had been reviewing films at his old blog Antagony & Ecstasy for over a decade, and Rob & Carrie had found great success with their year-old podcast, when they all decided to combine forces to create a new site, dedicated to their desire to watch and discuss the best (and worst) that the cinema has to offer. The result of this is this website.

This isn’t a site for people who just want to talk about the latest hot new movies in theaters right this minute. This is a site for people who can’t get to the theater until the third week a film is out, a site for people who just want to find something great to stream online after the kids have gone to sleep. It’s a site about discovering good movies and one bad movie at a time.

FilmJabber, formerly known as Movie-Source.com, was launched in 1998 by Erik Samdahl, who at the time was in high school. The movie website was entirely designed to deliver short, one-paragraph movie reviews for quick reading, but after a year or two, an avid reader commented that the reviews should go into more depth. Hence, Movie-Source.com grew into a larger database of movie reviews, previews and image galleries. However, some of the original movie reviews can still be found on the site, has thousands of movie reviews, previews of upcoming movies, movie trailers and more readily accessible to Internet users.

Film Junk is a movie blog and podcast based in Toronto, Canada. Since 2005, they have been providing a daily dose of film news, reviews, and commentary, all presented with an honest, fun-loving and sarcastic edge. Covering the art house to the mainstream and everything in between, the site continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Screeners and press packages are always welcome also.

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